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We've Got You Covered

With all the 'me too' metal panel companies out there, it's important to stand out from the crowd.

At ROC INC we specialize in personalized service whether you are an Architect, Builder, Contractor or Property Owner. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

We offer complete metal panel systems including thin panel roof panels, wall panels, structural components, matching fasteners, gutter, fascia, roof vents, soffit, and all other components and accessories.

We can wrap your project's interior and exterior with high-quality, durable thin panel metal products from top to bottom, or simply provide the specific components you need.

And because of ROC INC's deeply established relationships in the thin panel metal wall and roof panel marketplace, our customers benefit through the quality, efficiency and savings we deliver.

From standard, stocked wall and roof products to 40' foot long corrugated panels and custom fabricated metal materials, we are rapidly becoming the go-to metal panel resource of choice in central Pennsylvania and beyond.

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