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Aluminum Composite Wall and Roof

ROC INC offers the most cutting edge Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) systems with a wide range of price points. Depending on the intent of your design, we can offer several different design options and pricing. ROC INC, Inc. can also help you select the vapor barrier and substrate type best for your project. Let ROC INC help you design and choose the correct composite wall and roof panel systems that meet your project’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

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Building with metal insulated composite panels essentially allows for the construction of a closed system. The standard exterior and interior face material for Metecno-Aluma Shield wall and roof panels is 26-gauge stucco embossed G-90 galvanized steel. A 20-year PPG Duranar PVDF exterior finish is standard for all commercial/industrial applications. Optional exterior skins of .032 aluminum and stainless steel are also available as well as exterior color choices.


Please contact a ROC INC representative for specific details on Aluminum Composite products.




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