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Metal Wall and Siding Systems

At ROC INC, we understand it's important to make things easy for our customers. That's one reason why we offer complete metal wall and siding systems.

Structural SystemsWe have found that our clients like the idea of buying the complete package from the same supplier. This means we will engineer the complete structure for your project and provide matching materials. ROC INC is the only metal wall panel system and siding supplier you need.

Take the easy road.

As your one-stop metal wall panel and siding supplier, ROC INC will ensure the structural components match specifications for the wall panels, which can have matching roof, soffit, fascia, gutters, fasteners, accessories and everything else. There is no longer any need to search around for different vendors and suppliers when ROC INC has it all.

Light gauge, thin panel, post frame, industrial, commercial, architectural, or residential; we pride ourselves on the vast array of products and hard-to-find materials that we can provide for our customers. Plus, we invite you to find another building supplier who can provide corrugated 4.2 in FORTY foot lengths.

With over 30 different profiles and a wide variety of popular finishes and substrates including galvanized steel, galvalume, aluminum and copper give ROC INC one of the most extensive product lines in the industry.

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