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Curved Metal Roof Panels

Here you will find drawings, specifications, descriptions and PDF documents for Curved Roof Panels from ROC INC.

Panel Detail

Grand Curve


Engineered for durability and flexibility, Grand Curve handles the gentle slopes and changing lines of twenty-first century buildings with ease. Plus two different cap options provide two distinctly different appearances for maximum curb appeal.


• Available in G90 Steel, Galvalume with acrylic coating, Aluminum or Copper substrates
• Panels can be curved to a 15' minimum radius
• UL 90 rated on narrow cap system
• 1 3/4" or 2" depth
• Optional wide batten or narrow cap design
• Curved battens/caps to exact dimensions
• Clips provide unlimited thermal movement
• ASTM E1592 test reports for both wide and narrow batten systems
• Custom panel widths & coverage options available, please inquire

PDF Files: Grand Curve N, Grand Curve W



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Grand Curve Metal Panel

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