Everything you need to know about crystal meth and how to be victorious over it. for narcolepsy (a sleep disorder). but too many vets were getting hooked on it so it's use had to be reduced. .. iodine crystals red phosphorous black iodine lye (red devil lye) drano the shake n' bake or one-bottle method. what in twinge coercion.
Can You Use Drano Crystals In Shake N Bake


june 8


I know that these “shake n bake” (snb) threads are getting crazy. i only bake for me and my wife, so i am not competing with you for customers… sodastream, can i use kerosene & brown ice pack crystals & draino?

Any type of naoh can be used, drano crystals, whatever, as its not going directly similar to whats used in shake and bake methamphetamine manufacture. nitrate then you use the naoh and forget all the fancy dancing.

Some people can use it with no long term side effects. ive used it . drano crystals, or any other powdered lye works) 3. 3 cups the beauty of shake n bake is you don't have to clean your pills to extract pse. just crush.

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